Witherby Publishing Group has its origins in the 1740s and through recent mergers has become a respected specialist publisher with several divisions. These focus on the shipping, insurance and energy sectors, selling books, training manuals and CD ROMS to over 110 countries worldwide.

Industry: Publishing

Platform: Magento with .net api back office integration

Head Office: Livingston

Challenge: Inflexibility of Microsoft Commerce Centre made operations difficult; current websites needed replicating in a more effective platform.

Magento Multi site solution

"Cohesion Digital has provided the technical expertise on Magento and demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of this eCommerce platform. They have delivered a system that has exceeded our expectations and I would recommend Cohesion Digital to develop an eCommerce platform based on Magento without hesitation."

Johan Machtelinckx, Technical Director

The challenge

Rebuild current eCommerce websites In Magento with effective data migration and back office integration

Witherby Publishing Group's old platform – Microsoft Commerce Centre – proved difficult to work with. Not being open source, it was inflexible, with a restricted infrastructure. Any alterations were expensive and required lengthy testing to ensure compatibility.

Witherby Publishing Group felt the eCommerce opportunities provided by Magento were far superior but were concerned about the complexity of data migration to a new platform. Consequently they brought in Magento specialists Cohesion Digital to rebuild their sites.


Proof of concept on viability of rebuild and create fully-functional, highly flexible Magento sites

Cohesion Digital created a prototype version for Witherby Publishing Group to allay fears about the project’s viability. Witherby Publishing Group was impressed and commissioned the full build.

Cohesion Digital carried out the complex data migration from Witherby Publishing Group’s bespoke ERP/CRM system into the new sites, recreating the familiar corporate identity they wished to retain, but with all the flexibility of Magento.

Magento’s multi-site feature simplified the creation of multiple sites and Cohesion Digital incorporated numerous powerful functions:

  • Full integration with Witherby Publishing Group’s bespoke back office systems
  • PCI compliant payments
  • Pageflip catalogues
  • Integrated helpdesk
  • Tracking code integration for orders
  • EU VAT lookup for corporate accounts
  • Multi-currency purchasing options

In addition, Witherby Publishing Group felt the standard Magento search was inadequate, so Cohesion Digital created a bespoke search extension for Magento – SearchPlus – designed for precise results and easy configuration.


Witherby Publishing Group’s online identity was retained and strengthened during the transition and the sales power of its site was significantly increased.

Cohesion Digital worked in constant collaboration with Witherby Publishing Group, ensuring the final sites actually performed better than their original expectations.

  • Internationalisation – opening online sales to a massively increased market
  • Build costs of secondary web shops reduced by a factor of ten compared with old platform
  • User experience of web shops faster and more convenient
  • Clear alignment of web presence with established corporate identity
  • Previous high cost of 3rd party enterprise-level search function replaced by bespoke Search Plus module

Magento’s almost limitless flexibility makes it the ideal eCommerce platform. Cohesion Digital ensures it makes commercial sense to move business websites onto it.

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