With a passion for the Mini and the rally driving scene, founders Brian and Heather Harper launched Mini Sport in 1967.

Today Mini Sport caters for all Mini enthusiasts by supplying the best parts for the vehicle, improving its performance, and is run by Brian and Heather’s 3 sons, Chris, Daniel and Jonathan Harper.

Industry: Automotive

Platform: Magento

Head office: Padiham, Lancashire

Challenge: To stabilise the Mini Sport eCommerce website and drive up traffic and trade.

“It’s a refreshing relationship with a company that feels like they care about our business. They’re as eager as us to see us succeed.”

Jonathan Harper, Technical/Marketing Director, Mini Sport

The Problem

As the UK’s number one classic Mini spares and parts supplier, Mini Sport needed to ensure their website was a well-oiled operation, capable of delivering a best-in-class eCommerce experience for their discerning customers.

The Magento website, built by the company’s IT & Marketing Director, Jonathan Harper, was designed with sales growth in mind. The small in-house team of two worked tirelessly to make the site a success.

However, with disappointing sales figures, poor conversion and a worryingly high bounce rate, it became apparent to Mini Sport that the company needed to partner with a Magento expert, to help turn things around.

The Approach

After speaking with several potential Magento partners, the business opted to work with Cohesion Digital based on our approach to their problems.

“Cohesion Digital didn’t come in and make unfounded promises. Instead they said they would conduct analysis around our problems, and only then tell us what they would do. It was this analysis-based approach that was different to the other companies we spoke to.” Jonathan Harper, IT & Marketing Director, Mini Sport

We looked at the numbers, which were on a downward spiral, then delved under the bonnet to take a closer look at the analytics in order to diagnose the critical issues that were affecting the website’s performance.

In addition to this analysis, we performed in-depth user testing to assess the customer journey and pinpoint the obstacles that were preventing conversion on the site.

The Diagnosis

Our analytics-based approach uncovered several major issues that were lurking behind Mini Sport’s shiny new exterior.

After upgrading from an outdated Magento platform to the newer Magento platform, the performance of the new site had been impacted over time by the introduction of incompatible plugins.

These mismatched cogs in Mini Sport’s machine were slowing the site’s engine to a near-halt, impacting both speed and usability.

The unresponsive design of the site was also having a detrimental effect on bounce rate, with mobile users choosing to leave the site and look for device-friendly alternatives instead.

The Solution

We established quite quickly that our first task was to perform a repair job on Mini Sport’s online mechanics and stabilise the site’s core performance.

During the first six months of the project, we stabilised the platform by carrying out development work on the plugins that were impacting speed and usability, the two main areas that required significant improvement.

We then turned our attention to the conversion drivers, upgrading the payment gateways to be PCI compliant and introducing competitive shipping options to improve abandonment and exit rates.

The Results

Since starting work with Cohesion Digital 18 months ago, the results speak for themselves.

Mini Sport’s online sales increased incrementally month on month over this period, with a 20-30% improvement in revenue helping to turn the sales performance around.

Site speed is no longer an issue and bounce rates continue to decrease in line with enhancements made to the site.

The website also recorded its greatest sales performance in 5 years, with sales now on an upward trend and back on track to return to the levels of the company’s previous online sales record by the end of the year.

The Future

Now that Mini Sport’s engine is back to firing on all cylinders, we’ve started working on further improvements and enhancements that will help keep the website in pole position.

The next stage of our journey with Mini Sport will see us complete a responsive site redesign and implement SEO enhancements to drive the website onwards and upwards.

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