Hitachi Capital provides finance for all levels of business – from SMEs through to corporate multi-nationals. It’s built an impressive consumer base with over 800,000 finance clients and a further 23,000 specialist business finance and block discounting clients. It also looks after 68,000 fleet vehicles.

Industry: Finance

Platform: Magento

Challenge: To build a Magento plugin that meets the following criteria:

  • Flexible enough to serve a variety of eTailers.
  • Integrates with the current Hitachi Capital finance application system.
  • Allows eTailers to offer online finance to their customers quickly and efficiently.
Hitachi Capital
B2B: Adding value and delivering solid results.

“The plugin has helped us retain existing clients and attract new business."

Elaine Keith, Strategic Development Manager (E-Commerce), Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance

The challenge

Develop a plugin that works with Hitachi Capital’s existing finance application system. It must give eTailers the ability to offer finance to its customers online and provide a smooth user experience seamlessly integrating with the eTailers eCommerce site and checkout process through to the Hitachi Capital finance portal and finishing back on the eCommerce site with the finance decision.

Hitachi Capital was looking for a flexible and understanding partner that could deal with a project where there were lots of unknown factors.

Requirements were going to change but the objective would always stay the same – to make it easy for eTailers to offer finance to their customers. The plugin also had to integrate with the current Hitachi Capital finance application system for minimal business disruption.


The project went out to tender and the Cohesion Digital proposal stood out for a number of reasons:

“The quality and content of their proposal was of a much higher standard than the comparable tenders and it really seemed like they understood our requirements right from the start,” explained Elaine Keith, Strategic Development Manager (E-Commerce), Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, Hitachi Capital.

It was vital that Hitachi Capital and Cohesion Digital worked closely to mitigate any risks with the changing requirements. This involved regular communication which gave Cohesion Digital the ability to adapt quickly to any new information. The finished product is the Hitachi PaybyFinance Magento plugin.


  • Clients retained and new clients won with the help of the functionality the PaybyFinance plugin provides
  • Increased revenue through a comprehensive support team provided by Cohesion Digital for Hitachi Capital clients.

“I’m really pleased about what we have achieved, and how we achieved it and it’s now delivering tangible business benefits,” said Elaine.

“The team at Cohesion Digital was an invaluable source of help to us when we went live. They went out of their way to provide support to us, our clients and their development team and answering our often daft questions!”

The Ongoing relationship

To make sure Hitachi Capital’s customers get the most value from the plugin, Cohesion Digital provides support directly to them. And to make sure the PaybyFinance plugin stays up to date and relevant, Cohesion Digital continues to further develop it.

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