CTC is the UK’s national cycling charity, with nearly 70,000 members. They work hard to promote cycling and serve as champions of Britain’s cyclists, campaigning to make both on and off-road cycling safer and more accessible for everyone.

Industry: Charity.

Platform: Drupal integrated to IRIS CARE

Head Office: Surrey

Challenge: Integrate IRIS CARE with Drupal in time for the Annual General Meeting

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Charity: Drupal Membership Site

"This was a job for specialists. There are not many companies with the knowledge and experience to integrate third-party systems effectively with a Drupal site, but Cohesion Digital is one of them."

Alan Prizant, Consultant Project Manager for CTC

The challenge

Integrate IRIS CARE with Drupal in time for AGM

CTC’s old website was no longer fit for purpose. A CMS specialist company put the framework in place, but the site needed specialist attention to resolve a critical element of its functionality. IRIS CARE, Britain’s leading charity database and CRM system, had not been successfully integrated with Drupal. This functionality was essential for CTC’s sign-up process.

CTC’s AGM was fast approaching, when a pre-launch version of the website needed to be operational.


Drupal Expertise produces stable, reliable operations

CTC project manager Alan Prizant brought in Cohesion Digital, having been impressed by his previous experience of the company.

The existing website presented considerable challenges of integration and our Drupal specialist headed up the task.

  • In-depth analysis produced a detailed strategic plan, fixed price and clear timescale for the project.
  • Our lead Drupal developer worked in close consultation with CTC to resolve the core problems and integrate IRIS CARE successfully with Drupal.
  • In addition, collaborative work with CTC’s IT officer was undertaken to optimise performance, even at high volumes of traffic.


Fully functioning website delivered within budget

CTC’s AGM featured the beta website with full IRIS CARE functionality for delegates to experience. The live version is now being enjoyed by CTC’s members.

  • Critical integration failure resolved
  • Member registration facility made functional and robust
  • Assisted CTC in creating performance improvements
  • No hidden costs – project completed within budget

Harmonising different platforms is a huge technical challenge, but when CTC called, we got on our bikes and set to work. A tough project with a satisfying result.

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