Will upcoming changes to Facebook ruin your social media strategy?

Facebook are cracking down on users who promote their business without paying. See how this might affect you...

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Since its initial launch way back in early 2004, Facebook has established itself as undoubtedly one of the most well-known and recognisable social media networks out there. Many critics have been quick to judge saying that the company has had its day as recently its popularity and influence has seemed to peak with more of it’s users gravitating over to other networks all with nearly the same basic premise and structure. Despite this the website is still going strong attracting on average an estimated six million users in the UK alone every single day.

What things are Facebook cutting back on?

With so many people using the site it is understandable why individuals, organisations, companies and countless others have been so desperate to promote themselves on the back of the site as much as they can in order to reach the widest amount of people possible. Along with the various other changes that Facebook continuously makes on a regular basis, the website has also decided to severely cut back on and penalise users who intentionally ‘like-bait’ – when a business encourages other users to like and share a post to ensure that it stays visible in the newsfeeds of others– and will demote their posts entirely out of sight. Other blatant promotional and sales posts by businesses that are an attempt to sell a product or get users to install an app which are deemed to have no real context or reuse the same conduct from their online advertisements will also be quashed in the same manner.

Why is Facebook making these changes?

Facebook has decided to push through with the changes after so many complaints from users about the issue. A recent survey issued by the company revealed that the majority of people wanted to see less spam posts and adverts in their newsfeeds and more of their friend’s status updates instead. The new algorithm that has been constructed by Facebook to implement this come into effect as of January 2015.


“As an avid user of Facebook this is great news. What delights me is to be successful companies will have to be creative, tell stories through micro-content, images and Vines / film, without pushing their product or offer on every post. Can you tell me the ROI of scheduling a blatant offer? It’s about the same as a mass email; how’s that working for you? 

Personally do you follow or subscribe to Digg, Huffington Post, The Poke… on Facebook? Businesses can learn a lot from these entertainment feeds. They need to entertain the audience (and I don’t mean schedule links to other peoples content) they need to contextually win them over. Raise brand awareness by being personal, clever, emotive and creative. Making sure to integrate their advertising, marketing and content plans. Do you think RedBull paid for Baumgartner to freefall for kicks? It’s why Agencies like mine exist.”

Colin Gilchrist, Social Tailor, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Creative Thinker, Content Producer



How is it best to post and share on our business pages from now on?

If you’re not paying for advertising for your brand on Facebook and are doing what has been described, then you might find the above changes detrimental to your business. And for those businesses out there that generally use scheduling applications like Hootsuite to share their posts, then they might also find that these will be backlogged further down the newsfeeds of their potential viewers as well. However if you are a non-spammy business or just use a personal account for yourself, then the new rules will not affect you.

Even if you are unsure about any of the changes that are happening in your social media and would like some advice, then give Colin a call or talk to us here at Cohesion Digital on 0141 249 0641.


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