Rapid expansion was on the horizon for highly successful fulfilment company PPF shipping, but its in-house warehouse management system was struggling to cope with the demand. With more than 75,000 orders to fulfil every week, an upgrade was required to align with the company’s growth ambitions.

  • Industry: PPF Shipping
  • Platform: Magento
  • Head Office: Glasgow

The challenge

The complexity and scale of operations required a specialist, custom-built software designed around PPF’s business that could accommodate the company’s continuing expansion.

Managing Director Chris Swainson decided to bring in Cohesion Digital, who had carried out successful work for PPF in the past.


The Cohesion Digital developers took PPF’s existing open-source platform Horde as a base, saving on the significant costs of starting from scratch.

After an extensive consultation to establish PPF’s needs, the innovative warehouse management platform, Tradestream, was developed, built and tested on-site to ensure complete functionality and stability.

Tradestream handles all key warehousing and fulfilment operations smoothly and efficiently, including:

  • Customer invoices
  • Telephone orders
  • Picking lists
  • Tracking emails
  • Daily volume reports
  • Dashboard/KPIs
  • Stock management
  • Customer services
  • Returns processing
  • Value-added services

Cohesion Digital provided ongoing support after Tradestream went live and have since added more functionality as new requirements have emerged, such as seamless integration with DHL.

Chris Swainson
Managing Director


“Four years ago our turnover was less than £100,000. This year we project a final figure of £1.7 million. That would not have been possible without Tradestream.”


The Results

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