While the newly-designed Juice Master website looked amazing, it had huge functionality problems that needed to be cleansed in order for it to trade to its maximum potential. When the site crashed during a TV appearance by Juice Master’s celebrity owner and founder, Jason Vale, it was time to purge the problems.

  • Industry: Health and Wellbeing
  • Platform: Magento
  • Head Office: England

The challenge

Magento eCommerce sites offer significant technical challenges that frequently require high-level development expertise.

The Juice Master website needed specialists to build solutions for functional problems, streamline the shopping experience and provide more marketing options. It also needed to be future-proofed to prevent recurring performance issues during periods of high usage.


Cohesion Digital’s innovative Tradestream order fulfilment software was adapted for use on Juice Master’s Magento site. This increased the efficiency of order processing, with the introduction of automated picking lists, invoices, labels, barcodes, tracking numbers and back order facilities.

Using Magento’s multi-shop feature, different versions of the site were created and launched for Juice Master’s international franchisees.

Full-page caching was implemented for faster page loads and a postcode search was introduced at checkout to speed up the order process.

Marketing activities were enhanced by the introduction of a financial module for affiliate payments and triggered abandon cart emails, to recover lost sales.

In order to stabilise the site and prevent crashing during peak traffic, the server was migrated to Amazon Web Services, where a load balancer ensured future spikes in demand would be met.

John Pickering
Operations Manager

“Cohesion Digital are very good with the inner workings of Magento and getting it to go that extra mile so that you have an industry standard platform that is tailored to your business needs.”


The Results

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