As the leading player in the UK telecoms market, Nycomm has extremely sophisticated eCommerce requirements, but its eCatalogue solution was in danger of falling behind the times.

With resellers demanding more flexibility and functionality from the product, it was time to call in Cohesion Digital to upgrade the solution.

  • Industry: Nycomm eCat
  • Platform: Magento
  • Head Office: Manchester

The challenge

The eCat is a complete eCommerce solution, integrated with the company’s warehouse to provide resellers with an out-of-the-box online business.

But the inability to rebrand and customise the eCat cost-effectively was proving inflexible and limiting for resellers, so it was clear that it had to be re-engineered to cope with both current and future demands.


Cohesion Digital was brought on board to re-platform eCat to Magento.

Perfect for eCommerce sites, Magento provides flexibility, security and near-limitless functionality.

In addition, the open architecture allows for ‘white label’ design, where resellers can customise the branding without great effort or expense.

The Cohesion Digital developers incorporated powerful advances within the new eCat platform, giving it an increased capacity and improved stability.

Additional functionality, advanced SEO capability and easy customisation options were integrated with Nycomm’s enterprise resource planning system to provide a seamless experience for resellers.

Custom search extension, Search Plus, was also added to deliver an enhanced search feature superior to Magento’s standard search function.

A future-proof design was delivered, featuring the full scalability and open source adaptability offered by Magento.

John Cunningham
Executive Director - Operations

Cohesion Digital are very, very professional. They work to deadlines and they hit deadlines. They raise any potential problems quickly; they quantify any additional work involved and what it will cost – there are no nasty surprises with them.”


The Results

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