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A good experience can close a sale. Even when there are cheaper, better products elsewhere.

John Lewis and Amazon are proof that a customer-centric experience can be the heart of a successful business. Loyal customers are fully aware they could probably find an equally good product elsewhere for less but it would take more effort.

The simple, pleasant experience John Lewis offers in-store and online, means customers choose them time and time again.

Design your eCommerce site and customer experience around your customer from the beginning and they will trust in your brand, see your value and, ultimately, buy from you, Repeatedly.

We can help you achieve your customer-centric design right from the start. Get in touch today.


If you’d like your brand value and personality to shine through more online and have more customers that start your checkout process to finish it.

As well as ensuring your customers have a great online experience with a fully responsive site that Google loves and trusts regardless what device is being used, then a fresh approach to your website design could be the answer.

We can audit your site and provide you with a range of design quick wins that can offer rapid improvements to sales and experience. Contact us.

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