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Discover how widening the customer's options for paying with PaybyFinance boosted a company's online sales.

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A Trusted Partnership

When health food company Energise for Life wanted to energise their online sales, they decided to improve consumers’ purchase options by providing credit. Two things were immediately clear:

  1. They wanted the trusted name of Hitachi Capital to provide the finance service.
  2. They wanted the trusted Magento eCommerce expertise of Cohesion Digital to implement it.

The key to improving online sales is not only providing great products at great value, it’s also about giving customers the broadest possible choice for payment. For high-value products in particular, giving more people the option to buy there and then vastly increases the chance of making the sale. That’s where the Hitachi Capital Magento plugin will help you seal the deal.

Integrating Hitachi Finance with Magento

Magento is the perfect platform for eCommerce, which is why Energise for Life ditched their previous restrictive shopping cart software. Cohesion Digital designed a feature-packed eCommerce website which created a superb shopping experience, but the finishing touch was adding the flexibility of finance.

A custom-built Magento extension for Hitachi Finance was the answer, serving as a bridge between the website and Hitachi Capital. For the consumer, this is simplicity itself and brings them one step closer to making the purchase. When they add eligible products to the basket, they see the financing options available:

They have a clear choice of options to spread finance over different periods and a simple click takes them to the Hitachi Capital site for approval. There’s no need for them to click away from the site to find other options and there are no worries about credit card limits. Just an easy option to buy the product they want straight away.

For the retailer, functionality is also incredibly simple. In the operational menu, a new option appears in the store catalogue allowing the user to select which products should offer Hitachi Capital’s financing plans.

The flexibility of Magento means there are endless possibilities for customisation of the Hitachi Finance module. For instance, if you wish to provide multiple options for the customer, such as combining special promotion codes with the financing plan, this can be created by Cohesion Digital’s Magento developers.

Energise for Life soon appreciated that the financing option was a popular choice, helping increase sales. But they weren’t the only satisfied company. Hitachi Capital also appreciates the value of a Magento plugin that delivers their finance products to new customers. Gary Wootton, the Strategic Relationship Manager at Hitachi Capital admired the innovation and programming dexterity displayed by Cohesion Digital’s developers:

“I’m really pleased about what we have achieved, and how we achieved it and it’s now delivering tangible business benefits. The team at Cohesion Digital was an invaluable source of help to us when we went live. They went out of their way to provide support to us, our clients and their development team and answering our often daft questions!”

Elaine Keith, Strategic Development Manager at Hitachi Capital

The Hitachi Capital Magento plugin was developed for Energise for Life, but is available for all Magento eCommerce sites. It is a proven sales driver and fully approved by Hitachi Capital themselves. What’s more, it has already added to the selling power of other online shops, including Purley Diamonds.

You can choose to install it yourself by buying the fully functioning plugin, which works with all versions of Magento*. But if you prefer to have it installed by Cohesion Digital, we’ll save you time and have it up and running without the hassle. We’ll even verify the approved installation with Hitachi Capital so you’re given the green light to start in-store financing as soon as possible.

As the high street continues to decline whilst eCommerce booms, your online store needs to keep ahead of the game. With the Hitachi Capital Magento extension you can relax, knowing customers who might have passed by your products because of cashflow problems now have the means to purchase.

This extension has now been sponsored by Hitachi Capital and is freely available from Hitachi Capital

If you do not have an existing relationship with Hitachi Capital, please complete the Hitachi Capital Contact us form and select ‘Retailer Finance’ from the dropdown list.

If you already have a relationship with Hitachi Capital but don’t yet use PaybyFinance, please contact your Hitachi relationship manager.

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