eCommerce Night – Glasgow 2018

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It’s that time of year again, after the success of last year’s eCommerce night in Glasgow and our summer event in Leeds, we have decided to make this a yearly occurrence and will be hosting our 2nd Glasgow eCommerce night on Thursday the 18th January 2018.

The night consists of learning and discussing the ever-evolving eCommerce and Digital world, gaining a first-hand insight from other eCommerce professionals as well as sharing your own experiences. You will hear from working eCommerce managers from a variety of industry sectors about what inspired them to work in their field, what have they learned and what tips they have in regards to staying ahead of the eCommerce game.

Alistair Macneil, MD said “given the success of the eCommerce night in Glasgow last year, we have decided to make this a yearly event which has been warmly received by companies such as Slaters and Laings in Glasgow who attended the last event.  We also look forward to seeing the new faces who will be attending this year and look forward to another insightful, enjoyable night”.

The following professionals who have attended our previous events shared their thoughts of the night:

“I felt the night was very beneficial as it is always good to hear from others within the industry, especially regarding their successes and challenges. It allows you to put your own business into perspective. The size of the event allowed us to be able to speak to everyone in the room and get to know each other. I look forward to the next event”.
Claire Logan- eCommerce Manager, Slaters Menswear

“I found the night you hosted, really fun, informal and sociable. I found it really beneficial, as it was good to meet fellow eCommerce managers, and to see that we often have similar problems that we have to overcome, also it is a good networking opportunity. I particularly liked the discussion on Black Friday – as this is pertinent to my role and challenges we are dealing with at the moment. I thought the venue was really well suited for your night, as it was in a good location, and the room was the right size for the number of people who attended. Their was a good range of people who attended from a range of industries. I would definitely come along again.
Hannah  Nimmo – eCommerce Manager, HD Brows

“I had a great night at the eCommerce night. It was good to speak to people in a similar situation to myself and discuss the problems that we are all finding. I’d be more than happy to attend again”.
William Wallace – eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager at Trespass

The night was great, it was really interesting to talk to retailers as well as tech partners to find out what life is like for them. There were some really interesting group discussions, exchanging ideas and getting to know fellow professionals. I would definitely attend again, it was a great evening!
Elaine Keith – Strategic Development Manager (eCommerce), Novuna Consumer Finance

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