Cohesion Digital launches

On 5 April 2016 we officially changed our name to Cohesion Digital. This is why…

There are various reasons a company may change its name. For us, it’s to more accurately reflect our core services and philosophy.

While we’ll always be fond of the Healthy Websites name, we were sometimes being misinterpreted. People were often mistaking us for a healthy lifestyle company rather than a company that builds eCommerce sites that work really, really well.

Introducing Cohesion Digital

Our new name aligns our mission, culture and philosophy. Our company is made up of a group of bright, passionate people, who love what they do and together build high performance eCommerce sites.

We believe in finding more efficient and better ways of integrating business systems to deliver more powerful sites that help businesses sell more.

‘Cohesion’ stands for this aim to unite and structure sites better and 'Digital’ conveys the digital space.

See how we get results

We’ve had some phenomenal success, helping businesses achieve ground-breaking results and record figures. Explore our work.

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