5 reasons to choose Magento

Wondering which eCommerce platform to use for your site? Here we make the case for Magento...

1. You can create a cost-effective site that works across all devices.

Magento is ideal for creating one responsive site that works on any device, maximising your opportunity to make a
sale across desktop, tablet and mobile.

2. It’s trusted by leading brands around the world.

In fact, one in 4 online businesses use Magento, including Nike, Mothercare, The North Face
and Harvey Nichols.

3. Anything’s possible because it’s open source.

With thousands of extensions you can create unique and rich customer experiences
and easily integrate it with third party services and your back-office systems.

And, the beauty of it being open source is, if a suitable extension doesn’t exist, we can create it for you.

4. Your site will stay fast whether you have 2,000 or 200,000 products.

Magento Enterprise handles large catalogues of products with ease and has full-page caching straight out of the box.

5. Magento will grow with your business.

With Magento, you can design with performance in mind. You can use Google Developer’s Test Tools to make sure
your website is fast.

You can then optimise the underlying web server operating system and, where needs be, add servers to cope with
growth and spikes in traffic.

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